Queen bed stiffening / reinforcing on our Jayco 195RB travel trailer

I have read some complaints and discussions on the internet pertaining to the sagging of the plywood bed platforms in some of the Jayco models.
While the first couple trips we had no problems with sagging the last trip out I did find a problem with the platform.
As I went to crawl onto the bed from the end I heard a cracking noise. The next morning I flipped up the platform to take a look and found the last screw in the center stringer had pulled through the plywood. Since it was our last trip for the year I winterized the trailer and figured I would address the problem in the spring.

Well fast forward five months and it was now time to take a look at a solution. I saw where some people added cross members to the under storage area and others even built frames or dividers in the under bed storage.  I really did not want to take up any of the storage and felt the perimeter framing should be well sturdy enough for our needs. So this is the solution I came up with.

First I one at time removed the existing length wise stringers and glued them with some Titebond Ultimate.

Glue the whole length of the stringer and have some moist paper towels ready to wipe up any glue that squeezes out when screwing them back in place.
While I did all of this myself it would be much easier with one person in the under storage area and one outside of it.
I drilled some pilot holes and used some 1 1/2 drywall screws  In a couple areas where the stringers did not pull up tight with only the factory screws.

After I had all the factory stringers glued and screwed back in place I cut two 45 inch lengths of some very nicely grained hard kiln dried 1″x6″ Poplar I ran across at the big lumber store.
I was actually looking for some good hard Oak to use for this but this Poplar was just so nice.  45 inches gave me 1 1/2 inches of wood past the last bolts.
The fist cross piece was attached at 16 inches on center. This piece will help distribute the load when crawling onto the bed from the end and also help with any center sag.
I drilled from the bottom up through the plywood on both sides of the stringers. The I drilled a 1/4″ hole on one on center end of the Poplar cross piece at 1 3/4″. I then bolted the one end and held the board up and drilled the hole on the other end dawn through the plywood. I put a bolt in that hole then drilled all of the rest of the 1/4″ holes from the top down.

Once all the holes were drilled I removed the cross board and put some Titebod Glue between the holes the glue the cross board to the stringers between the carriage bolts.
Then bolted the entire cross board in and wiped away any excess glue. I repeated all of the above with a second 1″X6″ cross member at 38 inches from the end as well.
The bolts used were 1/4″X3″ Carriage bolts with a 5/16″ fender washer under the top and a 1/4″ fender washer under the bottom with a lock washer and nut.

The tools needed for this job-   Reversible electric drill. 1/4 and 1/8 drill bits. Tape measure. #2 Phillips bit for in drill. 7/16th wrench.

I am very happy with the results. You could add a third cross member or even a fourth if you feel you need it. But as the 195RB is a light trailer I try to keep weight in mind with any modifications. Any added structure offsets payload capacity.

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  1. Nice work. I’m trying to understand what advantage there is to bolting the cross pieces up through the plywood rather than just screwing the cross pieces into the bottom of the stringers. Thanks!

    1. Looking at the quality of the existing stringer material I decided bolting it with distribution of load under the fender washers would be stronger. I doubted screws would hold up for the long term even with the glue.

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