Polar Bottle Sport

I needed some water bottles for our mountain bikes during a trip to Virginia Beach so I did some looking around on amazon and noticed these Polar insulated bottles. I almost didn’t order them due to being priced higher than most of the other water bottles but these were insulated and Made in the USA so I figured I would spend the extra bucks and give 2 of them a try.

So we used them during our ride at First Landing State Park. Now there is nothing like the goodness of pee warm Gatorade! Don’t worry you will not experience that with these bottles, 2 hours into our ride the Gatorade was not ice-cold but it was still cool and refreshing.  We liked them so much I purchased a 3 pack of them so I would have some around for hiking and camping.

The Spouts are easy to pull out but stay in when they should. Better yet these bottles have a life time guarantee including the cap. So if you wear out the spout or it leaks they will send you a replacement cap. I may even buy one of the stainless water bottles they make to try out.

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