Pine Grove Furnace State Park Camping

Well keeping with my recent tradition of being forever late on posting to my website, we took a long weekend in May to do some camping at Pine Grove Furnace State Park .

Pine Grove Furnace

We showed up Thursday afternoon and got the site all setup. Did some professional sitting around the campsite between eating for the rest of the day.

Our Campsite at Pine Grove Furnace State Park

Thursday night the rain showed up and Friday was one of them on and off shower days. Sat out and watched it rain and did some movie watching later in the evening.

Saturday Morning things cleared up so we ventured out and about for bit . Was still wet out so it was an asphalt out and about.

Overall it was a relaxing weekend. I guess the weather made some people not show up as there were allot of spots reserved with no one in them. The campground was rather quiet. Enjoyed it even with the rain.

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