Linux as my everyday OS ?

Since the early days of Redhat Linux there has always been Windows and Linux partitions on my desktop PC . I have tried so many flavors of Linux since then it would bewilder me to try to name them all. For many years Linux on the desktop was just a geeky hobby thing for me. When it came to my desktop I would be in Windows 98% of the time. One of the main reasons to use Windows was PC gaming.

Well about a month ago I quit playing multiplayer online games on PC all together. (YES I did! I may write more on subject in a future post) So the last reason for me to use Windows the majority of the time was gone.
I actually thought this time it would be like many times before, install Linux, find a pile reasons why I couldn’t seriously use it as my desktop and go back to Windows. But anyway, it was off to Distro watch to see what was trending at the moment in the Linux world.

HMM Ubuntu .. Mint …Centos so many choices. ARCH Linux …I have never tried arch Linux as the last time I looked at it you had to compile everything and it was more a hardcore, cook your own choice of Linux, but then I saw Manjaro. Manjaro was Arch Linux in an install and use form. Better yet it has rolling updates so I would never have to reinstall a new version every time one came out.

I downloaded Manjaro installed it and was quite impressed. Install was easy and flawless and everything just Worked. For the past month I have been using Manjaro Linux 90% of the time and Windows 10% of the time. The 10% of the time is stuff for work as there is still some commercial software we use that will only run on Windows.

It has been many years but I believe Linux has finally became more than a server OS or hobby for me.
Its now my primary OS on the desktop PC.
Give Linux a try. It installs with most of the everyday software you will need. There are many different flavors/distributions of Linux. Best yet they are all free.
Manjaro, Ubuntu, Mint, Centos just to name a few.

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