Is Winter over yet?

It’s that time of the year when everything is dead looking and its cold and miserable. We seem to always be dodging the next storm. So planning vacations for this year is always a joy. I love the beach vacations and our camping trips. It’s a must that I must have my beach time to recharge and relax. Besides Bud and I enjoy the food and atmosphere.

So this year we decided on a trip to Long Beach Island in June. We planned on going here before but our luck with hurricanes and beach vacations doesn’t always work as planned. So we are looking forward to going there this year. Imagine the beach right outside your hotel…with lots of places to walk and relax.

Camping however is our first planned vacation this year. We are going to Pine Grove Furnace State Park. We have been there before, but never in our Camper. Its a great park to explore and go for hikes there’s a lot of interesting sites all around the park. The Appalachian Trail also runs through the park so you may also run into some hikers.

We are planning another beach trip for September but plans are still in the works. So lets get through a couple more months of cold and we will be posting here about our last camping or beach trip. To me its not so much the destination as the person I get to spend my time with at these moments of time my husband of 35 years this year Bud.

Can’t wait to share our memories of trips with you soon.

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