Greenwood Furnace State Park and Campground


Last week we spent a few nights at the Greenwood State Park Campground.

It was awhile since we have been camping so the first adventure was gathering up the camping gear.
I had planned for Brenda and I to do some truck camping as I purchased a cap for the truck bed this year, but it was eventually decided that we would purchase a new tent. (More on the new tent in this product review.) We arrived Thursday evening and after moving the picnic table around a few times we finally decided on a layout for our 3 day retreat and setup camp.


We spent The rest of Thursday evening relaxing in our folding chairs reading.

Friday we went exploring the Historic Furnace area of the park
The Greenwood Furnace community had its own grave yard.
One of the Iron Furnaces
Ironmasters Mansion

There are many other buildings and things to explore in the Historic furnace area of the park. We spent about 4 hours wondering around  then headed back to our campsite.

Our campsite came with a cleaning service. No crumb of anything was spared.
The flying clean up crew.

Saturday we hiked along the creek that borders the campground. There are miles of hiking trails around the park. Someday we will have to return to tackle some of those trails.



If there’s camping there must be BEANS!

We found that all of the campsites at Greenwood Furnace  very nice and the campgrounds and facilities were well-kept and very clean. The Host Campers were great people and very helpful, Brenda and I chatted with them a few times over our stay. We will for sure be back.
I have written 2 product reviews related to our stay. Check out our new tent review here  and our Polar Bottle Sport review here.


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