Gifford Pinchot State Park Camping 2018

Gifford Pinchot State Park has become our quick getaway camping destination. It’s less than 2 hours from us and has various types of camping areas throughout the campground. We stayed there several times over 2018 and for one of our summer trips there our daughter and grand daughter flew up from Florida to go camping with us.

Gifford Pinchot State park Campground

The majority of the campsites at Pinchot are very nice and well maintained. Some are better than others, but you will have to find them better spots on your own 🙂

Our grand daughter very much enjoyed her first time camping and made use of the playground and the beach and swimming.

Gifford Pinchot Campground Beach
Coleman Elite Weather Master Tent

The Coleman Elite tent still gets some use, even though we now have have the Jayco trailer.
Our daughter and grand daughter enjoyed sleeping in the Coleman tent. They loved the camping trip so much they want to do it again this year.


Our October trip to Gifford Pinchot Campground unknowingly when we reserved it ended up on the same weekend as Pinchot has its Pinchotween weekend. Where everyone decorates their campsites for Halloween and the kids come around and trick or treat. Luckily we became aware of this the weekend before out camping trip so we had a week to prepare.

We had some fun stringing up our last minute purchase of Halloween lights. We even hung some battery powered ghost lights on the tree next to the road.

Luckily We purchased quite a few bags of candy for the Trick or Treaters as we had a good many.

We were a little doubtful about this trip when we first discovered it was Pinchotween weekend. But we ended up having a lot of fun walking around and looking at all the Halloween decorations and handing out candy to the kids.

Fall camping trips are fun but a little cold so we had a big wood pile and a big fire every evening.

Gifford Pinchot Camping Fall 2018

Sadly the leaves were falling and colder weather was upon us this was our last camping trip of 2018 after this it was time to winterize the camper and wait out the cold months. We enjoyed Pinchotween at Gifford Pinchot State park Campground so much we are planning on doing it again in 2019.

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