Coleman Elite WeatherMaster 6

If you read our post about Green Wood Furnace State Park you would know we decided it was time for a new tent. While poking around the internet to see what was available we found the Coleman Elite WeatherMaster 6. Our first trip with it was 3 nights at Greenwood Furnace State Park.

I never pitch my tents on bare ground. I set them on a tarp and a moving blanket.
The instructions for the tent are securely attached to the inside of the huge bag the tent comes in. Tarps and moving blankets down it took us around  30 minutes to get the tent up.

I’m not going to go over every detail of how the tent is assembled as there are videos on YouTube that will do a better job of instructing you on how to assemble it. I watched them….probably why it only took us 30 minutes to get it assembled the first time. The instruction provided with the tent may leave you scratching your head a few times, for the most part assembly went well but this is like the 6th tent we have owned. If you’re a tent assembly novice I would for sure watch the videos

I have some more pictures to post but first I would like to get to my likes, dislikes and things to consider if your thinking about buying the Coleman Elite WeatherMaster 6


  • Rigid swing out-door
  • Roll down window springs
  • Led tent light with multiple modes comes with tent
  • Screen inn porch fits two chairs with room to spare
  • Rain fly has good coverage (Rained 2 times while we were camping. Tent stayed dry inside)
  • Well ventilated
  • Comes with divider to make two separate rooms inside
  • Can enter and exit screened in porch from inside tent.
  • Great head room


  • Provided instructions could be clearer in parts
  • Skirting around screened in porch could be longer (left small gaps where the ground was uneven)

I really like this tent and highly recommend it. However while it is called a 6 man tent and you could in theory sleep 6 in it.  If someone got up at night and had to go use the facilities that someone would not want to be the 6th one from the door. The tent would suite 2 adults and 4 young kids and would be roomy for a family of 4 but its like a hotel room for 2.

The Bent wire tent stakes included did work and I did use them the steak down the tent with. The Yellow Plastic stakes for the rain fly would work well in soft or sandy soil but they would not go in the hard pack we were set up on. Luckily from past experience we take along several different styles of tent stakes. I recommend the Heavy duty tent stakes by Coleman. The ones that look like big nails with a green plastic rope keeper on them.  For this tent 16 would do the whole tent.

Air mattress and foam puzzle piece floor tiles and the inside was ready to go.
Screened in porch section
A view out the swing out door

All and all we are very happy with our purchase of the Coleman Elite WeatherMaster 6. Probably one of the best tents we have owned. Even happier with the fact that when we tore it down it all fit back in the bag 🙂

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