Brisa Trials Bike

Brisa B26 Trials Bike.
I blame this Craigslist bike purchase on watching Shawn Denny ride on the first season of Drop in TV on Youtube.

Years ago I messed around with some trials motorcycle riding. So I figured if I could learn a fraction of the bicycle trials riding skills I saw on Drop In TV, even heading down the backside of 50 years old it would greatly improve my mountain bike riding skills.

I purchased the Brisa mid October So I did not get too much time on the pedals before the cold weather moved in. I will be doing some maintenance and mounting a new set of tires on it before spring. I will be posting about the maintenance and my riding as it progresses.

Update Feb 2021 – over last summer this bike moved on to a new owner, as my 50+ year old knees totally disagreed with my trials bike ambitions 🙂

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