It’s odd that sometimes we take the long way around just to end up right where we started.
Morbweb is a good example of that. For many years I maintained my own personal website. Posting things I  worked on, places I went and other anecdotal cool musings.

Then social networks came along. Myspace was Cool before it was lame … Yes it really was cool to be on Myspace at one time. Then this thing call Facebook came along gaining popularity. I resisted for a long time, but eventually I signed up for a Facebook account and the personal website went to the wayside, eventually getting ignored into oblivion. Facebook was great, it was awesome! Just like Myspace was at one time. Everyone wanted you to like there stuff as if there was a prize at the top of a pile of likes. People turned their friends list into a competition of numbers even though they probably didn’t really know most of the people on it.

Fast forward to Jan 2017.
Now don’t get me wrong social media has its place, but I like having my own place on the internet and thought my wife would like a place to post her cool stuff as well. So this is the place where we post things we do and things we think are cool.

Feb 2019 Update- I still frequent some subject specific forums on the internet from to time. But I am no longer part of any of the social media giants. I closed my Facebook account awhile back and luckily I’m not a big fan of using a cell phone for anything really other than a phone and a camera so I never fell for the cesspool that is Twitter. 

Feb 2021 Update- Well its been a little over 2 years now with no social media accounts.  No…. I do not miss them at all. 

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