1991 Trek 1000 Hybrid Bike Conversion

I was looking for a bike to take on vacations to the beach and other places where I would be riding on hard surfaces and leaving the bike locked up places I wouldn’t want to leave one of my higher end bikes.

1991 was the only year with this color combo. Yes those are Conch colored Trek Logos. It’s no wonder this was a one year color combo.  The bike was given to me but it was in bad need of maintenance and a few new parts, on top of me wanting to do a flat bar conversion to it.

First I started removing all the cables, they all needed replaced. The brake cables were removed due to the change in bars and brake levers and the shifter cables due to them showing their age. While removing the rear shifter cable I found I also needed a new rear derailleur as the threads for the cable clamp screw were one mass of corrosion to the point of non-existence.

New old stock Suntour Edge rear derailleur

I managed to source a new old stock Suntour rear derailleur on Ebay. At $60.00 This was one of the highest cost parts for this project.

Jagwire Mountain Pro Brake cable kit

I went with a set of Jagwire Mountain Pro brake cables that I found a good deal on. Knowing what I know now I would have probably not went with this style braided jacket cable as it’s a lil on the stiff side where the cable exits the frame and goes to the rear brakes. It tends to pull the brake to one side. I am hoping after being bent that way for a while it will find it shape and not pull the brake over to the side

Avid Brake levers

The Flat bars and saddle on this bike have been in my possession for many years. I obtained them back when I owned my very first mountain bike, a Cannondale. Back in those days there was no such thing as telescopic suspension forks and mountain bikes still had quill steering stems.

I decided to try some clamp on grips.

Now that I had all the parts needed for my conversion. I installed the bars and brake levers. Swapped the seat out. Found a set of new take off pedals that came with one of my mountain bikes and threw them on.
At this point it was time to have the rims trued. Just recently getting back into bicycles again I had no idea what ever happed to my truing stand. Most likely I lent it to someone only to never see it again. So a trip to the bike shop was in order.

The Cycle Works Wrightsville Pa

I have several very reputable bike shops in my area but decided to try one close to me so I called up The Cycle Works in Wrightsville Pa. They said to bring it over and they would take a look at it. While it was there I decided to have them mount a new set of tires and service the hubs and bottom bracket while it was there. I will not count the money spent doing this as part of the conversion as even if I had purchased a used hybrid bike I would in all most likelihood had this same maintenance done to it as well.

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